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Why Analogy LLC

So glad you asked!


Our goal is to help our clients

  • discover opportunities that they didn't know existed,
  • discover additional capacity they didn't imagine,
  • discover hidden profits in their existing operations,
  • discover sustainable growth and
  • discover High-ROI results with minimal investment


Our Story

For those of you who are new to our site, welcome!  I am pleased to be able to share my experiences with you and hope that we can all be successful together.

I have always been intrigued by the similarities between two or more seemingly unrelated concepts, thus the name Analogy.  Finding similarities helps me to understand and organize an otherwise complicated world.  It turns out that similarities can be very useful.  Technologies that were developed for extruding pasta and meat products are regularly used in the plastics industry.  Isolation and containment technologies originally developed for the nuclear industry are now applied to maintain sterility in the pharmaceutical industry.   Innovations in both cases have significantly improved the original designs. Basic physics can be applied to provide general guidance and identify very attractive opportunities to improve a process, minimize waste and improve profits.

My original training was as a chemical engineer.   I have been in private practice for most of my career and have worked with hundreds of manufacturing facilities ranging from very small start-up food companies to some of the largest and most demanding Pharmaceutical and Chemical companies.  Most of my engagements have involved "fixing" a broken process or developing a new process.  I have observed that running a profitable processing facility is a very challenging task.  There are so many moving parts that need to operate in harmony for raw materials to be transformed into finished goods.  In today's understaffed and over-scheduled world some well-deserved adjustments are never executed.

That is where Analogy LLC, The High-ROI Company, can help.  While we are not the expert on your particular process, we are experts in the science of processing, and we want to be your partner in discovering how to make your process perform better.  Analogy LLC blends a broad multidisciplinary engineering technology, a highly tuned grasp of cause and effect, a recognition that there are many ways to make a quality product (some better than others), and a realization that part of being a good resource is understanding that the eventual recommendation may not be "new" and may not be "technology".   It is our sincere belief that almost every manufacturing facility has multiple opportunities to improve their performance.  We take pride in our ability to discover High-ROI opportunities on every engagement and we would enjoy the privilege to work with you!

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Meet The Plant Coach

John Messer is an accomplished professional with extensive pharmaceutical, medical device, cosmetic, food, biotechnology, beverage and chemical experience and a proven record of success, leadership and team building.
John Messer

John Messer, PE

Founder and Principal Consultant


John is fluent with a wide range of technologies and has multi-disciplinary skills that complement his core process engineering specialty.

He uses a bottom-line approach to focus the project team efforts on activities that improve the operational performance of the client.  He has experience in project feasibility, technology transfer, scale-up and scale-down, forensic evaluations, safety modifications, automation upgrades, modeling of existing and new processes and developing novel solutions.

He is equipped with a broad technical base including traditional chemical engineering unit operations, high purity water, sterile pharmaceutical facilities and processes, batch and continuous chemical processing, cosmetic manufacturing, OSD manufacturing, semi-solid and high viscosity processing and heat transfer/thermal storage applications.

In addition to his deep technical skills, John is a versatile, multi-dimensional professional with strong strategic, analytical and communication skills.  He is a valuable resource on any project that requires a fast, focused and cost-effective approach.

Ready to find some profits...

Want to find out more about how The Plant Coach can help your company improve its performance?  We offer a complementary phone or Skype consultation to all new and returning clients.  I look forward to talking with you.