Killer App For Process Cooling Systems of the most satisfying parts of my job is when I identify a technology that I think has the potential to be a game-changer.  Transformational technologies don't come along very often, and when they do they usually meet with a lot of resistance from the entrenched technologies and the protectors of the status quo.

Today, I would like to suggest a technology that I stumbled upon a few years ago and found the concept both unconventional and intriguing.  ElectroCell Systems, a little company located in Easton, PA, has developed a technology that effectively keeps your process cooling system operating operating as efficiently as the first day it operated.  I'm not talking about just one component - I'm talking about the entire system.

I have been so impressed with the performance of their products that I have an affilliate agreement with them.

Paul McLaine, the founder of ElectroCell systems calls this technology a

State-of-the-Art Automated Side-Stream Precipitator System

That's a mouthful to be sure, and it does take a bit of explaining to understand exactly what the system does.  He offers a short video that provides a good technical explanation of the system.

Paul suggests that users of his system can expect to experience savings in the range of 12% energy and 25% make-up water (for closed loop condenser applications).  I've had the opportunity to review data on several of his installations and the data does indeed document the type of savings that he suggests.  Most of the reference installations are from large commercial and institutional users (schools, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, casinos...) that are primarily concerned with building HVAC issues.  The savings are real and the ROI of less than 2 years is very attractive.  More on this below.

In my humble opinion Paul has grossly underestimated the impact of his technology on an industrial process installation.  Cooling is a ubiquitous utility in the manufacturing of chemicals, foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, consumer products, industrial specialties and beverages industries.  Cooling is frequently the rate-limiting step in the manufacturing process and increased cooling capacity can result in either increased plant capacity and/or decreased manufacturing costs.  I can't fault Paul for not including these very real savings in the calculation - they will be different for every application.

In addition, by keeping the system clean, preventitive maintenance and routine descaling operations and the requisite downtime and cost are dramatically reduced.  That is a big deal.

The reason why I think this is a game-changer is that one small system located in a remote section of the plant can have a beneficial impact on every process in the plant.  The systems are modestly priced, easy to install and require minimal maintenance.  ElectroCell has informed me that systems are available for rental.  It may be possible to recognize a positive cash flow the first week the system is on-line.  It makes my list of High-ROI opportunities.


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updated October 19, 2018

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